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1999〜2000 Reflexology
2000〜2001 Aromatherapy basics, Reiki 3rd.
2002〜2003 Aromatherapy professional and Physiology
2002.5 Craniosacral (LV1〜2) by Jim Asher
2002.5 Craniosacral (LV3A) by Jim Asher
2002.12 Pre- & Perinatal Process Workshop by Judith Weaver,Ph.D
2003.3 Craniosacral (LV1) by Yoshitaka Koda
2004.3 Rolfing Basic Training Unit1
2004.12 Rolfing Basic Training Unit2
2004.11 Rolf movement Workshop by Heather Starsong
7  Rolfing Basic Training Unit3(graduated)
2006.8 Workshop for Rolfers by Kevin McCoy
     (Fascial Layers, Embryology and the Nervous System
     in the context of Rolfing®)
2007.2 Rolf Movement Traning by Monica Caspari
2007.11 Recconective Healing (*as an interpreter)
2008.4-7 Craniosacral Biodynamics by Kaeco Kato
2008.5-6 Coordinator for Basic Rolfing Training(Unit1) in Kyoto, Japan
2008.8 Erich Blechschmid's Embryology by Conny Obermeier
2008.8 Visceral Manipuration by Conny Obermeier
2009.1-3 Coordinator for Basic Rolfing Training(Unit2) in Kyoto, Japan
      with Jim Asher and Yoshitaka
2009.3  Embodying Tonic Function: Approach to Structural Integration
     by Kevin Frank & Caryn McHose
2009. 6 Energetic Osteopathy (part1) by Tom Shaver DO.
2009.10-11 Coordinator for Basic Rolfing Training(Unit3) in Kyoto, Japan
      with Pedro Prado & Monica Caspari

2007.6 Seminar for animal doctor and all of bird guardians throw-in !
      by Dr. Brian L. Speer  ※writer of Birds for Dummies !

〜 Instructors 〜
Unit1 - Juan David Velez, John Schewe,
    Suzanne Picard, Larry Coliha,Jonathan.Martine
Unit2 - Libby Eason Sener, Ellen presnell,
    Jane Harrington, Heather Starsong
Unit3 - Karen Lackritz, Jill Gerber, Gael Ohlgren,   
    ... Jim Asher, Kevin McCoy
RM - Monica Caspari, Ashuan Seow

unit2-class RMclassmates
left in front (Unit2 in Boulder 2004, Rolf Movement in Sydney 2007)



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