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Yukiko. H,College Instructor and Yoga Instructor in Denver,CO.

パールストリートWhen I heard about Rolfing for the first time, I was somewhat intrigued by their approach. I thought the Rolfing is a type of a massage, but rather, it is a body work that is done by both a Rolfer and a client.
When I started taking sessions, I wanted to "fix" my stiff shoulder that I suffer from time to time. I also expected that balancing in my yoga practice will be better if I can get my alignment "fixed."
Looking back, I did not know exactly what the Rolfing was, but I trusted that Rolfing would do something good to my body. During the Rolfing sessions, I realized that I was not getting the attention that I needed for my shoulder and neck. The reason was just because the rolfing is for the balance of your body; not to fix one part of your body. Considering the connection from the bottom of your feet to your ankles, knees, hips and your spines, then my shoulder stiffness would be improved. I also learned how to breathe deeper and how to walk better. These were the most challenging things that I worked on during the sessions and even to this day. Walking gracefully takes a lot of consciousness, relaxation, and a good mind.
What was great about Rolfing was to work with a Rolfer throughout your sessions. Instead of lying down on a massage table and falling asleep during a session, a client has to work with his/her rolfer. We breathe together and move together. I have to confess that I felt asleep many times because the body work feels so good. I learned to be more conscious about checking the condition of my body when I am sitting, walking, practicing yoga, or even while I am driving. The things that I learned in the Rolfing sessions helped me to relax my shoulders and the stiffness has been improved. It also helped deepen my yoga practice. I have come to embrace the weaker side or take extra care for the tighter side of my body. I also started making a better choice for food.
Rolfing brings your body to a natural balance physically and mentally. So your body chooses to take something more natural and trying to avoid processed food.Practicing yoga also influenced me in the same way.
So interestingly, taking Rolfing sessions and practicing yoga happened to influence me simultaneously.


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