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 Rolfing® Structural Integration

13,000 yen / Session

・Please allow 90-120 minutes per session
・This rates cover Tune-up sessions after Basic10
→This will help you to refresh your awareness and maintain your condition

Student Discount
 I am happy to offer a discount to students under 18 years,
 Please ask when making your appointment

 Craniosacral Therapy / Biodynamic Osteopathy

  60 minutes  9,000 yen
  80 minutes  10,000 yen (for more deeper relaxing and awareness)

Typical diagnosis and treatment focuses on fragmented parts. Areas of “lesion” (reduced motion, inertia in a dynamic system) are evaluated. An interpretation of “normal” is made, and the treatment process is directed to bring about that "normal." The practical application of Biodynamic principles gives rise to a very interesting and different treatment process. Instead of focusing upon fragmented parts, we listen to the "whole."

We listen from the depths of our souls, and without imposing our sense of what is “right,” we simply sit and listen. We observe the motion present in the heart of the inertia. No barriers are engaged. Rather than focus on disease, we listen to the HEALTH.

HEALTH is that perfect matrix, present within us from the moment of conception, which precedes the emergence of “form.” Health is more inherent in the geometry than the genetics. (Some underlying geometry must have given rise to the form of DNA itself.)

The HEALTH guides the treatment. Our ultimate teacher is nature itself. The natural world expresses itself in a distinct and ordered manner. Our inherent self healing follows this very same order..

 Skillful Touch (Deep Tissue Massage) for Relaxation

  90 minutes  10,000 yen

Skillful Touch was originally developed by the Rolf® Insitute to teach students how to maintain their own bodies. This is a "stand alone" session and has no intension to bring the body integrated as the Rolfing®. However, by lengthening and relaxing the muscles, Skillful Touch can give the client a wider range of movement resulting in relief from pain and tension. Skillful Touch is a long-lasting technique that leaves you with a full body, well-being feeling.

 Scheduling Info

To schedule an appointment, please call or email me

Takayo Miyamoto

Please cancel your appointment with 24hrs notice,otherwise you will be charged half the full rate for your missed session.

(Rates are subject to change)


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