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the Ten-series  


ROLFING® 10-series

Rolfing is usually, although not always, done over the course of 10 sessions ("the 10-series") and generally takes three transitional phases in the process of integration.

1st 〜 3rd sessions

Superficial layer
opening the sleeve
preparation for core sesisons

4th 〜 7th sessions

Deep layer
create Support
two direction (palintonicity)
8th 〜 10th sessions
harmonize inner/outer
the next level of coordination
Each session focuses on a specific goal and region of the body. The results of Rolfing are cumulative, and each session builds upon the results from the previous one.

Outline of the 10-series

UZUSession 1: Freeing breath

Session 2: Support (establishing relationship to the ground)

Session 3: Lateral line (creating front/back dimension)

Session 4: Opening the core (building up core support & strength)

Session 5: Visceral space (elegance in walking & core activation)

Session 6: Undulating spine, swinging sacrum (vertical line of symmetry in the spine)   

Session 7: Crowning (adaputability in the neck & head on the spine)

Session 8: Integration (part1 - structurally)

Session 9: Integration (part2 - functionally)

Session 10: Final integration & closure (new possibilities and options in the daily life)

After the 10 series ・・・


The body integrated by Rolfing® will continue to change for up to half or a year after the series. The Rolfed individual is encouraged not to lean on the Rolfer for further changes by his or her body but to look to the intelligence within it for new plays of using the initial changes. After being Rolfed, you're encouraged to look within your own body for new ways (additional options) to use the changes that Rolfing creates. Then, again, you will come to conviction that
"Gravity is the Therapist"


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